Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time travelling.

No, I have never travelled back in time with a timemachine. Who needs one, when you can travel without ?
You can do time travelling in your own country or in other countries, you just have to know where to look. Yesterday I travelled no further then to an island in the fjord not far from where i live. Yes, our purpose was to do a survival, but what we came to experience was much more then that. We had found an island, a naked island, stripped for everything that reminds you of the year 2011. We were back to something original, somthing pure and untouched. We felt like Columbus  when entering the shore, and ran around like cavemen to find a place to sleep. At some point I even heard the words  -Ugg ugg!! coming out of my mouth and i got this intense urge to hit my boyfriend in the head with a caveman club. Thats how they expressed love back then you know..

It was us and the island, the island and us and no one else. It was as if we had travelled to paradise and I could run around and eat all of natures fruit and berries, even though a snake warned me not to taste. But I told him to fuck off because this was my moment of seeing,, tasting and understanding the world from the beginning it came to be.  Craving knowledge is not a crime, Mr Snake.

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