Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pippi long-stocking is in Sweden doing yoga!

When I was a kid I never spent so much as a second inside.. I was always outside in nature, and I would bring all the activities that I usually liked doing inside outside. I would dance outside, draw outside, shoot with a slingshot on my neighbors outside, create new worlds and imaginary people outside.. There was no limitation in all the possible things one could create and do, because outside there is no walls, no rooms, no roof, it is a place where you can run, dance, stretch, cry, laugh and without bothering anyone. The only thing that will answer you is the echos of your voice, and this way you also get all the answers that you want. if you listen carefully. Bring the child in you outside today, and do an activity outside that you would normally do inside. You will experience the difference in space.

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