Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't be ashamed to be a tree hugger!

Don't be ashamed to be a tree hugger. You should love all trees, for we are dependent on them. They are our source of oxygen.. They make sure our air is recycled and ready to be sucked into our lungs. The trees sustain life on earth. We should thank them.The trees however will manage to grow without us, they don't need our help to stretch high, to blossom or to leave behind a seed to copy itself in the pure and genuine mold. They can manage all by themselves.. But they need us to love them and be thankful for the energy that they symbolize, cause whilst humans could create many things from a tree in a short time, the tree takes a very long time to replace one of it's missing family members. Hug a tree today and make sure it's a proper one. 

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