Friday, July 22, 2011

The Norway explosion!

A big explosion hits Norway today at 15.20, the entire area of the government block was bombed and several people were injured. THe explosion could be heard as thunder all the way to my house which is 20 minutes away from the capital. Later a man dressed up as a police officer and showed up by boat at a political youth event and shot and killed several kids and grownups. Numbers are unknown so far.

What has happened to our world?
When did everything go wrong.? Yes, when you get involved in wars that are not yours by sending soldiers instead of health personnel, when you should have just stood by to help the victims of the war regardless of who is right or wrong.
Let us together show love, there is too much hate. Let us together demonstrate peace, cause there is too much war. Let us together show trust, there is too much distrust. Mahatma Gandhi said once: An eye for and eye ends up making the whole world blind.
Do you want to be blind?

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