Friday, July 29, 2011

The organic Green Island of Koster.

In the middle of the sea to the west of Strömstad in Sweden lies the Koster Islands.The Islands are 100% car free, has amazing bird life and  is now preserved as a spectacular marine nature reserve. One of the few places in the western world that is pollution free, and where people still live like the old Ingmar Bergman movies. If you want to see and experience the island you have to walk or rent a bicycle. It is a place of silence, a place for relaxation, a place to breathe and be creative/ mental. I went here to literally act out, and work on a new acting performance, and what better place then an island where people don't care about who you are or where your from. On the Koster Island they live for the sun, the presence and not for compering with other people. Love, live and be loco on the Koster Islands.

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