Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A farewell To my dear Friend Goeters


I cannot call you mine, because you were not mine.
You saw me,.. And everyone.

I walked beside you

You were not made to belong to someone,
But to fill out the half loved hearts of everyone.

We walked beside you

For the people that saw you, that really saw you
You became a symbol of being real.
You whispered with a purr that we should open up and feel.
Black spots covered your body to teach us to be grateful for the imperfections in ourselves,
A tail that gave us the direction we could steer by.
Two eyes wide open made us feel visible and seen
Two black stripes marked your face to show us that it’s okay to cry,
You, a cheetah that entered everyone and became a part of all of us.
 We walked besides you
But you were not ours
You were not mine

That gift that you gave us was precious and divine

You were not ours
You were not mine

I walked besides you

You were Goeters that entered our hearts and told us to be,
And that is why dear friend
That the memory of you will always roam free.

He walks beside us.

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