Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where no one would believe that anyone could live.

Yesterday I started a spontanious ”expedition” towards the west coast of Norway to explore the different societies and habitats that people have adapted to in the wild Norwegian vegitation.
The road was slightly rustic and shaped as a zig zag pattern across the mountains, and when i finally reached the top of the first mountain, it felt as though I had just walked off the spinning teacup carrusel. Carsick? Oh yes.
I quickly got over my carsickness when I saw what I had entered.. I had entered a foggy nomans land above the clouds with a lonely fjord surrounded by snow covered mountains where little white dots were grassing. And I thought to myself: -Here lives noone? Wrooooong.. here lives someone. Like animals in nature we have learned to adapt, prefere and love certain habitats. Some people live in a city and believe that you can take the man out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the man, Whilst others live in a nomans land like the one i came over today, and they believe that you can’t take man out of nature because nature is apart of man. No one is right or wrong.
Some animals live in the desert, some live in icey surroundings, some live in the bush and some live in water, some live with others and some live alone. Animals are as beutiful people as us. They live nowhere and everywhere, with noone or everyone. We are nature. Stay tunes for more norwegian habitats as i travel through the places where noone would believe that anyone could live.

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  1. Ain't God wonderful how even the tiniest of animals is provided for everywhere and anywhere they abode. I hope you read my Facebook blog Called Dear Slim as I will be reading yours when you post. "Good On Ya"Aleksandra!