Saturday, July 30, 2011

Animals and people together for Norway!

Its has now been a little over a week since the tragic events occurred in Norway, the media is still busy typing and writing new headlines regarding the guilty party and the stories of the victims, and we are feeding and reading about this everyday. But what about the people of our world and how all this affected us? I think it is time for reflection and thought. What have we learned and how do we move forward? From all the challenge we learned to recognize support, from all the hate we have learned to love, from all the separation, we have learned to stand together and from all the loss we have learned to love to live together. We are one, we belong to each other and through each other we learn about our selves. We have learned to not pretend, and to be real and that is why the animals also stand behind us today. Animals and people stand together for survival, for loving one another. We know now that that we are more than what we have become, and that our role is to find our place in the circle of life

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