Wednesday, July 27, 2011

snow in July?

Most places in the world would sound the alarm if it ever snowed in july.. And think that the end is near and that global warming has taking over. On the mountain tops of Norway however it is a very common thing. This was my first meeting with my old friend SNOW after two years of living in Africa not having a typical white x-mas. So i took the opportunity since im here on vacation anyway, to experience a white summer. And oh man i was happy to see some snow, which is quite an ironic thing actually since snow only makes you cold, wet and gives you bruises if you fall. It's a destructive friendship, but I do love snow! This is again a lesson in human behavior we don't appreciate what we have when we have it, but we miss it and want it when is gone.

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  1. Amen Aleksandra! I'm Glad you liked Dear Slim yesterday and would love to hear a comment from you when you feel like saying something.Over 200,000 readers every day.PS:Snow in Summer is readily acceptable,however that Winter version SUCKS!"Good On Ya"!