Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you heard about the end of the world?

Have you heard about the end of the world?
Oh relax, I'm not talking about when the world is going under, but I’m talking about a place in Norway called the End of the world. I went there to perform a symbolic act, I went to the end of the world to throw away our worlds symbol of westernization; the coke bottle. Modernization is crawling into the deepest jungle, forest, desert and bush and I think its time we stop and think for a second, and start to appreciate that we are living in different ages and cultures in the year of 2011, and that that is okay too. The one society does not exist without the other, so lets stop changing and stealing from each other. Who are we to introduce materialistic envy to a continent that never cared about things or possession, never cared about time or fame? I want to tell you about the oldest tribe in Africa, the endangered San people. The San people live as one with nature. They do not own time, stress or the need for possession, for them it’s not about the future and all the things one can achieve. For them it is about the community, survival and living in the presence of “NOW”. They still live in a hunting and gathering society in a modern dominated world, they can read nature signs and tracks like we can read our books, and we have so much to learn from this culture and their way of life and living.
The San people are today’s representatives of whom we used to be, a way we lived, a way we used to think, and maybe what we should thing more about and be grateful for.So "throw" a bottle of coke today as a token of protecting and appreciating all the ages that are living side by side in this world.

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