Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Zoo YOU,  I say
Everyday kids of all ages are brought to a zoo either with their parents or with their school. Too have a fun and entertaining experience. A zoo is after all classified as an amusement park. Haha
I acknowledge that there are several positive aspects of a Zoo, yes they are supposed to be educational, but in our world today you can learn about all animal species on Nat geo Wild or on the internet.. you do not have to look at a live version to learn. Then there is the claimed aspect that zoo's contribute to conserving the specie diversity, but would it not also work to just let them be. Two snow leopards in the Paris Zoo is not ensuring anything at all other then recreating the idea of a live museum.
We as people are consumers, that means that we belong in the ecosystem of the world. But at some point we excluded ourselves from the ecosystem and we started to control it. Smart move right!?
The tradition of exhibiting people of color in Western societies has existed since the earliest encounters between Europeans and indigenous populations in the New World and in Africa. Columbus brought several Arawaks to Queen Isabella's court, where one of them remained on display for two years. Exhibiting non-white bodies as a popular practice reached its apogee in the nineteenth century in both Europe and in USA when freak shows--the exhibition of native peoples for public entertainment in circuses, zoos, and museums--became fairly common. But then we stopped doing that.. Why? Because we realized it was wrong. So my question is how long will it take before we realize that zoos are wrong too and that animals should be left where they belong in their natural habitat or protected reserves, where they can live free from kids banging on windows,. ONe more little reality check for today: When guys in prison movies play basketball it is not because they necessarily love basket ball. But what would you do? SO when a clouded leopard is pacing up and down it is not because he is running laps for the fun of it. But! What would you do inside a glass box? Im not saying zoos are all bad, but teach your children that this is not the way animals normally live and that they would be much happier in the wild. Because it is the responsibility of grownups to teach their kids what is worth fighting for and what is not. If this made sense great. if not Zoo You

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