Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giants of the city and Odda the village of giants.

When we think about a big city we immidiately associate it with being a place of power, sucess, wealth, fast moving giants. We think of the creatures of a city as an efficient specie, the modernistic predators that  chooses a target and is able to accomplish and take over that target within seconds. They know how to get things done. And then as a contrary you have the village in Norway of Odda. Another place where no one would believe that anyone could live, and where no one would believe that anything could be done. Odda a place in the very corner of the fjords, in a vally ditch of incredible mountains,  under a cealing  of fog. A place built around the structure of their main business- a factory producing Titan and iron, as well as a Iron Melting Furnace Manufacture. A village that has grown to be a city of giants. You see.. because of the life created under the ceiling of fog and metal production there came to be extraordinary creatures. Creatures of love, poetry, creativity, and conservation of human rights.. Creatures like Frode Grytten, Claes Gill and Elin Myran. Odda a place where no one would believe that anyone could live.. But people do live there.. in simplicity, and they have grown to be giants.

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