Friday, July 29, 2011

Heading east to cross a boarder!

This summer has been all about getting back to my roots. You see I chose to become a citizen of the world when I was 15 by traveling and living in Nyc, Paris and Africa. And somewhere along the way the viking was only kept up to date by my stereotype norwegian appearance, not by me feeling norwegian at all. I had to travel roads I had not traveled since I was 5, and even though the animals I came over were less exotic, I found back to the norwegian being that is me. I am Aleks and  I'm a Viking ( not the viking physical build off course,  cause then I would be sissy version). I love where I'm from and I love where I'm going--> my Africa. Cause hey! if you love lions you must also love pigs. Next stop and next lesson: the paradise of the Koster Islands in Sweden where I will learn to love my neighbors.

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