Thursday, August 4, 2011

Annoying head explosion

It's funny how the human mind works,
How we live,
what affects us or bothers us.
It is odd how a small thing, can move in
and build a permenent recident in your head.
And then we get annoyed..
To be annoying
To annoy
To be annoyed
And then..
A Head Exploxion
We scream
I scream
Expressing my own mistake or a shattered dream?
So if I tell you that you annoy me,
Then that sentence is just telling you that I think its difficult TO BE.

So how can one change a scream?
And stop thinking
You annoy
I annoy
Im annoyed
You are annoying
The only way is to see
that two is one
and that you are me
then the universe will smile
Because is it love that is our key.

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