Sunday, August 7, 2011

Respect the balance!

Finding the balance is key to walking, living and surviving. And we strive to accomplish balance to avoid falling down.
When I did my first couture fashion show in Paris, I remember that I was super scared of falling down in the middle of the runway in front of all the people watching. Because i believed that if I would fall then that would be the end of everything ( career, reputation, self-respect). Everyone backstage were also scared that one of the models would trip and fall and they kept reminding us several times before the show that is was very important that we did not fall in this million dollar clothing we were wearing.. It did not exactly help our nerves, and I think we all felt that we were about to enter a horse trotting race where the winner would take it all and the loser would end in a fall. I think keeping balance in so important for us people that we even envy cats sometimes, because they always land on all four. But
if we fall we also know that we can stand back up again, so what are we so afraid of? What goes up will always come down, and then raise again and fall again. This is our balance and its always present. So don't be afraid of falling, cause when you fall, you grow.

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  1. I was told that life should be 33%Physical,33%Emotional and 33% Spiritual.That leaves 1%.....that's just to give you a bit of difference from others not unlike the difference in a snowflake. Good On Ya Aleksandra!