Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have you met the hungry hyenas?

You have probably seen them in action or heard them laughing and howling, you have maybe seen them during a hunt or whilst feeding of their prey. Sometimes we also see them picking up leftovers. Maybe you know one? Or maybe you are one of them? IM not talking about the hyeneas we see on the discovery channel, but the hyenas that lives, walks and parties amoung us.  I think we all have little bit of hyena in us actually. We laugh for no reason, we howl when we want attention, we chase the people we look up to, we eat everything that is fed to us of truth-lies and funny stories, we pick up  leftovers  like swetty shirts and used objects that celebrities throw out  in the audience. We listen to gossip and sceam together, we protect eachother, we hunt and eat together. We  feel strong when we are many against the few, and we run away when we are few against many. And we easily follow an alpha leader. Maybe its just a human thing to be a hyena.

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  1. omd i rate whoever wrote this blog coz i deffo knoe a hyena