Monday, October 1, 2012

Jurassic rocks

I'm pretty sure that the Saturday night fever movie got their inspiration from crocodiles when they choose the song STAYIN' ALIVE. 
The crocodile’s ancestry dates back 200 million years, the crocodile, as we know it today, first evolved about 80 million years ago. According to the fossil record, their body plan has changed little since, enabling them to outlive the dinosaurs and become the most advanced of all reptiles and the most successful freshwater predator. One of the keys to the crocs survival is something one might think of as primitive: cold-bloodedness. Like all reptiles, crocs are ectotherms, which means they must gather heat from their environment. Crocodiles have developed behaviors to control their body thermostat: they bask in the sun when cool and seek shade or water when hot. Ectotherms like crocs don’t need to eat regularly to warm their bodies, and so they save an enormous amount of energy that can be put to other use or stored for later.
Amazing right? Maybe we should all think about this, next time we consider buying a croc skin handbag! And then buy a fake croc skin bag instead;)

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