Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are you apart of the tribe?

Are you apart of the tribe? A tribe is  a large number of persons or animals which in previous times either  share a common ancestry and culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized or permanent.  Culture is the colors of our world, colors of diversity that teach us about how much we still have to discover and learn. When we travel to relax and experience we travel like a white t-shirt going through a tie-dye to unravel the potential of something. And then we grow! But sometimes we do not realize the value of cultures and diversity before it is too late. And years and year after a culture has disappeared we collect inspiration from the culture and make art, music or a fashion trend. Why do we always have to see something vanish before we see the value of it? Why do we treat everything like it will stick around forever, and swear at the things about different cultures we do not agree with, instead of thinking about how we can learn from it? 
The San tribe that Nanofasa work for is the people who were and are well adapted to their environment and who, in spite of pressure from outsiders over centuries, have managed to keep their culture reasonably intact in many areas. These survivors bear witness to an incredible ability to adapt against the odds. Small-scale societies like that of the Bushmen have social lessons to teach a world that is becoming increasingly homogenized. Their lifestyle needs to be understood and respected and brought in to a stage making it possible to embrace the old and the new for development..
The biggest trend you can follow is to be sustainable, grateful and care to protect the cultures that paint you with knowledge, creativity, and an open mind. DO not wait for it to be presented in art or in a fashion trend in a century from now! Something does not have to be gone, for it to be hot and fresh.

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