Monday, July 8, 2013

Catch me before its too late!

Once there was a time where the white man ventured out to conquer the world, a mission to wipe out the colors of the world with a simple blend of bleach.

There was a never a question of who was the original people, it was a question of how can we take over this land and these resources in the fastest possible way.

The Indians who never believed that land belonged to anyone became the victim of the people that believed the land should belong to someone.
Which is again a typical demonstration of how oppositions attract each other. But was there ever a balance achieved?

I’m  sure there was, but the question is could it have been done better?
Maybe not, but now we are sitting with the facts of history and we are still on the verge of a massive mismanagement of land, nature and resources.

So why not take the time to discuss it!

I have seen children at the age of five years old sniff glue, to forget that they are hungry.
I have heard children laugh at their elders after the two years they were spent at a school, where they learnt to dream about greatness our part of the world and of becoming a David Beckham.. They also learnt about how un-evolved they were as a tribe and the downfall of continuing to be a traditional Khoi SAN.. And because they are stuck between two worlds they pick up a bottle of spirits to drink away the space they feel so lost in.
I have touched hands that were too small carry a life with so much challenge.
I have smelled the carcass of a cheetah that was hit by a car, because someone did not think it deserved the right to cross the streets.

Now if we have contact with our senses, then we have the ability to touch, see, smell, hear and taste.
So do you like the smell this development?
DO you like the taste of the SAME and not the different?
Do you like to listen to the noise that shouts over silence
Would you be willing to live with non existent touch the untouchables?
Or do you want to keep learning and keep growing? 

What do you want your children to smell, touch, see, feel, listen to and taste?

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