Thursday, July 4, 2013

To score or not to score?

Its interesting how we all have goals we want to reach and achievements we want to obtain. Sometimes our focus becomes so much on the goal it self that we forget the journey there.
When we go on a on vacation.. the vacation does not start until we have reached the destination..we drive on highways to reach our destination faster, and there is nothing about that that makes it feel like a journey. Instead of choosing a slower route with more beauty and challenges so that we can begin our journey when we leave our house.. if we do this our vacation lasts longer or at least feels like it and on this travel we learn to grow closer in what we share on the way.

Now a village cheif in Botswana once told me that you can only score a goal if you have played the game, fallen hard, passed to your fellow mates, ran the hardest route and called for help.
So if we work together, play together, support each other and travel the more difficult routes together we will see beauty and potential in the world, in relations, in journeys and even this norwegian summer weather. join me in traveling on a road where everything is on the way and not in the way. Cause only then we see that the goal was reached already when we left.

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