Friday, October 14, 2011

The Contrast thought

We what we think and live, is sometimes black and sometimes white, sometimes salty sometimes sweet.
We like to mix and match, hunt and catch, we want everything new, but old.
A contrast. With fashion, art and music we get inspired by far away land and cultures. What they fight to have to survive, we fight to have in six different colors. WHen someone with no money gets a pair of shoes, he will wear them and care for them until his toes goes through the soles
When we buy a new pair of shoes we want them to look like the toes are about to go through the soles, and we want them with the name of someone else stitched on the inside. So what is this contrast really?
We from the modern world always look at ourselves as the part of humanity that has figured so many things out, and who are constantly in development. It's actually maybe not completely true?! its a two way around in many ways..When we make new to evolve, we get inspiration from old, when we sell unused, we make it looked used. This part of the world that we always want to help and that we always feel bad for,  is actually helping us everyday, they inspire our culture and makes it less grey.. So it is not a matter of us helping them, it is a matter of exchanging knowledge my friend.

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