Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What can you see?

In the open spaces
A dry ocean
A desert
A world of nothing,
but the potential of everything
What do you see?
Just a sandy endlessness?
or perhaps eternity?
When i touch your face
and kiss your cheek
Is it something
That is yours to keep?
If i slap your neck because you've been bad
Will you then scream:
Take it, its yours.
i do not like being sad.
But who are we if we are not?
who we are?
i think about it a lot
you walk with and against
you run and you pace
But what I am lies all in the light of my face,
The rest is silent for now,
until you make the next sound
until you stand there with a gaze,
Until then we are a young human race.

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