Monday, October 3, 2011

Why we are vain?

We as people focus a lot on our looks and appearance, its has grown to be a big part of society as well as for the personal individual. We want to look nice, clean, smell good, have a smooth skin, soft hair, a nice body and have spot and wrinkle free clothes.. We want to look like someone else most of the time, and we try to fix ourselves into what we think is the better. But with this gigantic focus on the exterior outside of ourselves, we completely forget who is living on the inside. We start  to despise the vessel that carries around who we are, we only compare ourselves to others and a fiction "reality". But don't you think that the reasons we have flaws on the outside is because we should learn to look more on the inside.? DO you ever see or hear animals iron their fur, complain about their hair and that they wished it was more curly or straight? Does hippos and elephants struggle with their size and weight? or the giraffe feeling like its too tall? if you close your eyes, then what do you see?
i think we both know its something greater then what you made the outside to be. so do like the animals and DO NOT PRETEND. It is not your outside but your inside that needs a friend.
Photo left: Iggy Beaukers
Photo right: Mark Pillay

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