Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where did the all the men go!

Let men be men I say,
but thats not what I saw
 I was walking through the city looking at the store windows,
 And I suddenly saw something. Was is a man doll? or a female doll? or was it just a man doll wearing a bikini. And yes the last answer was the correct answer. A man in a bikini.
Its pretty incredible how we always looked at man and women as two different things, but the ironic thing is that the woman has always tried to be more man-like and the man always has tried to be more woman-like. Cause if we don't, then we will not understand each other. We would not be able to communicate. But Nowadays we have started to be more open about wanting to be a little bit of both. want to flow into each other. Girls wants to wear the pants of their boyfriend, and boys want to wear the smooth skin moisturizer from his girlfriend. Women wants the jobs and rationality of men, and men wants the creativity and empathy that women have. But it makes sense though:  WO MAN,
No WO- MAN no cry bob marly preached and sang
There is not a Ying without a Yang
It is the combination of the two that is me- you-and you.
So be a man or a woman
you decide what you do.

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