Sunday, October 2, 2011

Telling stories across boarders

Once upon a time and through all times people have been telling each other stories. Stories about life, love, dreams, ancestors, family history, culture, hunting, wars, God, ghosts, aliens and YOU NAME IT. It is important to tell stories, cause it is through the stories that we learn about who we are and how we can learn from others. My mum is a story teller and she has been telling be stories and writing children's book for a long time. Now her books are crossing boarders and her stories are reaching more story receivers. In one and a half week we are going to Africa where my mum will continue to tell her stories to the local children, and she will listen to their stories. Is it not great when our stories can reach across boarders. Is this maybe the way we can understand each other and live happily ever after? THE END

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