Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you Want a piece of me?

Its funny how we as people always comment on each other on both personality or on looks. People will say like: Funny hat you are wearing or your lips are huge, jeez you are tall or christ you are short.. Sometimes we even comment on people we don't know and we say things like: look at that fat guy over there, or omg she is so skinny, or maaan he ugly, or goodness she is soo hot.
But what we don't know is that what we are really saying by commenting on others is: I wish I had a hat like that or that is was brave enough to wear one, my lips are so small, im so short, or so tall. and when we say that others are fat,ugly or pretty we are usually too obsessed with being skinny and pretty, or if we think people are hot, we are scared that we are not as hot. So with everything you say there is something unsaid. BUt remember the sentence: do you want a piece of me? and what the ant said to the elephant when the elephant said the ant was small: small? me? No, I'm not small, I'm just big enough. Are you bigger then  yourself maybe? I wonder if animals comment on other animals when they pass each other on the savanna?

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