Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My nemo nightmare

Im the kind of girl who loves to live in pact with nature, I like to find my own food and speak the language of animals. But sometimes nature and the natural ways of things becomes too much. You cannot pleas the wine grapes and raw fish at the same time for instance. IM not talking about sushi people, I'm talking about having a raw Herring for Breakfast in Holland after a great night with wine grapes and cheese. Not a great combo.. secondly I the only thing I could think of was that i wanted to take this little onion covered fish to the river, so he would not be a waste for my bad taste. Its a true "NEMO on My plate" nightmare. I love fish, but there is use and there is abuse. If you cannot enjoy it and you are not really hungry, then just take him to the river.

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