Friday, August 5, 2011

The homo sapiens diary of the city

Yesterday I went out to celebrate my friend Nicoline's birthday at club called Blå (blue). We went out like a pride of lions with one leading male and a bunch of strong, house music hunting lionesses. Outside the club I snapped a picture to only find out something very peculiar. Different animals, especially nocturnal predators like leopards and lions, developed the tapetum lucidum in order to see at night. This structure allows for light to enter the pupil, bounce out equally and double the amount of dim light available to enhance night vision. The color of the reflected light depends on the color of the tapetum. For most cats, this color is yellowish, but for black dogs it could be green, for cows it could be blue and for humans who do not have tapetums, it is red. So what about these modernistic animals?

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