Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OH screw it!

Picture by Tove Sivertsen
Most of us love to do our hobbies, have alone time, be social, think and reflect and sometimes don't think at all, be active, and sometimes not move at all. Certain days we can't wait with doing all the things we love, but other days we just say: - NO YOU know what screw Yoga or the gym today, I deserve a break, or I totally deserve to have alone time today, i'm not going to be social. But what we don't know is that when we say no to what we love doing because we think we deserve to do what we don't love.. then we are messing with our own head. Relaxation can also be to use your head or body.. SO Lets do ourselves a favor by NOT saying: Screw Yoga, I'll smoke a cigarette.

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