Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who can say that they really know you?

There is an old expression saying something about that you should not be fooled by appearance and that things are not always what they seem to be.. But what does this really mean in our society and the way we interact today. People today have started to wear masks to hide or protect the person on the inside, we play roles and act in a way we think other wants us to be.. if and when we show emotion we show it in the shape of a mask, but what I wonder is what goes on behind the facade of a face?! Your masks says nothing about who you are, what we tell each other is most of the time riding the surface wave, are we scared to show our true colors? Are we scared that people might not like the real person inside. But why? We are all the same. We can be fun, we can be boring, we can be happy and sad, successful and unsuccessful.. We should not fear to be stripped of our masks, because the real facial mask will never fail you or desert you. The only mask you need is you.

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