Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last summer Tip!

For all of those who is noticing that the summer is slowly turning into fall, and that the sun is changing place with rain heavy clouds, I have the perfect last summer tip for you! If the sun is up, you need to migrate to the water, and regardless of temperature you have to jump in, you have to strip down to your bikini one last time, this might be the last chance for you to be a sea mammal this year. So jump in a test your fins one last time, and feel what is like to convert from water to land, let the mermaid or man feel the sand under your feet and walk away from the water into the fall. And if you are in Norway you have to visit Villa Malla. Villa Malla is not a restaurant, but an ORGANIC open space for the public. All guests are equally welcome, hungry or not, and there is no obligation to dine while visiting. BUt you should, cause the food is absolutely amazing.

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