Wednesday, August 24, 2011

R we Breakable?

Are we as people breakable? I know that there is a lot of people who live as if they are unbreakable( I do that sometimes and sometimes all the time), and they jump from planes, mountains, cliffs & bridges, they handle wild animals, surf, do gymnastics and all other things that one individual would define as something that they are good at and that makes them feel confident or unbreakable.. The reason why I think some of us get that feeling is because we might not be the strongest physically, but at least we feel strong mentally. And its good to feel that way about yourself, but its also important to break the habit and remember that we are also breakable, and that should tell you something about the way one should interact with others and with the environment. Cause, yes, a lot of us like the word unbreakable, but also remember the words & phrases: Breakable, break down, I need a break, breakfast, break-up and broken bones, this way you want be so disappointed in your life when these breakable things occur. And for the people that feel too breakable, you should remember words/phrases like:unbreakable, take a chance, build up, no break today, hook up & strong bones.

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