Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All you ducks in a row?

Sneak a peek from the backstage area of Oslo fashion week, where you will find that they have all their ducks.. no.. Sorry models in a row. This is where the magic happens, and where a 15 year old can look 25 in matter of minutes, where short hair  can grow long, where blondes can turn brunettes, and where the "ugly" ducklings turns into swans. It is the perfect example of how one person does not exist without the other, and how we all play an important role in both the circle of life and the circle of fashion. It is the unnoticeable workers that makes people notice, it is the small work that lays the fundament for the big things, there is a creative brain, a crafter, a fitter and a lanky girl who gives life to dead things. It's the perfect Eco-balance.. because there is heavy competition!!! (hyena howl)

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