Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Totally spaced out!!

Have you ever experienced to space out half way through a conversation or a lecture? No, IM not talking about the kind of spaced out that Bob Marley was all his life because of weed, but the kind of drift that takes you on a "inside your head" journey when you are having a conversation with a friend or listening to someone talk.. Suddenly you don't hear the persons voice anymore, because you are somewhere far away mentally from where your physical body is placed. The definition of spacing out is To be or become stupefied or disoriented. But if you look at the word space then that means : The expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist; the universe. So how can the mental journey of being spaced out mean that you are stupid and disoriented, when you are actually just entering an interesting travel to the universe.
Dogs space out all day, except for the occasional dog- owner cuddling or walking session. So dude you are not stupid.. you are just paying a spaced out visit to your own universe.

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