Sunday, October 9, 2011

most fearless in the world?

We as people are always to proud to admit what we are scared of, even though its usually is a lot of things that makes us piss our pants, and that we fear more then anything. SOme people are scared of heights, of dying, of water etc, but some people are scared of other living things. Some are scared of dogs, mice, spiders or snakes. So if you fear an animal you are most likely to have abilities of an other animals e.g If you fear mice, you are an elephant ( you fear things that you can't see coming, and that sneaks up on you) if you are scared of spiders you carry abilities of a bug ( maybe your are scared of someone that you feel is bigger or better then yourself). So how do we conquer our fear and become as fearless as the Honey badger, well I think you should just try to own the abilities of your "enemies", and when you see that you sometimes can be sneaky as mouse or venomous like a snake, or loud like a dog then you will see that the enemies you feared are also apart of you

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