Monday, July 15, 2013

heading for risør

Good morning=) Did not sleep much last night. Too many things on my mind! Yesterday I walked past a place that stuff animals so that people can have them in their house, I walked past a small town where there was only one big house with a pool, whilst the rest of the houses in the area were old and small. I spoke to people that does not care what happens after their death and people that felt helpless because the world is in so much trouble, i also spoke to some girls that wanted to do something, but they were scared that their parents would be disappointed if they did not study business or finance. I spoke to a woman that did not care why I walked, only that a model like me should not be walking this far. I spoke to a man that had dedicated his life to saving people, but that he had realized that we save each other everyday. I spoke to some people that did not want the holiday to be over because then they have to go back to work. I spoke to a child that wanted to know why people do not stop killing animals when they do not eat them, and I could not answer him with a final answer but i gave it a go..  So to sum this up. Yes, we are living very different lives and we have different worries, but all of this exist in the same space, so we live with them. But all things that seem chaotic and apart, is easier to understand and do something about if we all play a role in each others lives. This ecobalance where everyone plays a role is what Nanofasa is all about.  So if you do not know what to do, but this makes sense then donate, if you don't know where to start then donate, if you dont have an answer for why you don't care about what happens, then donate and start caring! luckily i have a long walk to think about all of this. Give it some time and think about it

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