Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shoes off!

The shoes had to go off when i walked the last part into town. I have now reached the destination Kristiansand, but this is not a final destination. For Nanofasa this is the beginning, a journey that all of you are invited to join, a journey were you can think big, help build something greater, and where you can take part in conserving diversity for the future generations to come. All you have to do is donate what fits your budget or whatever you think sustainability of wildlife, culture and nature is worth. I know we are supposed to thinking that every MAN should live, be and stand for himself. BUT... when there is 7 billion people on this earth living just for themselves, then that sounds like a place out of control. Nanofasa wants at least to encourage you all to ask questions, communicate, see potential in what you can learn in stead of focusing on sharing what you already know.. we can at least try to create an eco-balance amongst us. take a step forward! take a step and leave a track! Go to: press donate

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