Thursday, July 18, 2013

A notice to notice

I live my life in Africa, as one with nature. Africa was not my past, it is my presence and will always be my future. This is where my heart belongs even though I'm at home in myself. Right now however i'm in Norway walking towards the south and I'm out of Africa, just like Karen Blixen had to leave Africa to  Scandinavia. Sometimes one must return to see further down the road, or in my case walk the road and i have realized that in order to understand nature, you must unite the natural world and the modernistic world, and you have to learn to communicate the modernistic world through the touch of toes on ground, rays of sunlight, soft winds, beating rain and exploding thunder. I just hope people will join me on that journey! I think we are loosing it! But we do not notice in the same way we notice clearly that our phone is gone.

we think war is bad, but we still return to our dinner table to eat fast and then play violent video games.
we think hunger is horrible, but we still throw away food
we think the fact that the rain forrest is disappearing is awful, but we still print for the hell of it.
we think what happened to the indians was bad, but we still watch the same thing happening in a new form to other cultures.
we feel sad about all the things that happened to people in the past, without realizing that the past is taking a new shape.
SO I wonder when the world became so big that we made our life so small.
If we only live for all the small things that we need to do, then we always live in the future, if we live now it requires that we take more responsibility of how we treat everyone and everything now. 

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