Saturday, July 27, 2013

Must like Dogs!

We as humans have always loved to share our living space with a four legged companion. Be it a cat or a dog or a rabbit. But today I want to talk to all the dog lovers out there about a very special dog, The African Wild Dog. There is an estimated 3000 African wild dogs left in Africa, 2500 of these are already mature individuals, they rank as the second of the continent’s most endangered carnivores.
Their numbers dropped from an estimated 300 000 at the turn of the 20th century to a few thousand today.
 Why? I thought man loved dogs? 
The main threats to African Wild Dogs are conflict with human activities and infectious disease from domesticated dogs.. Both of these are mediated by human expansion and loss of habitat.  People have really been after these dogs for years.  They get shot, hunted, hit by cars purposefully and poisoned. Their latin name can be translated into Painted dog, and that name fits their character much better. 

Wild dogs have altruistic tendencies is their feeding style. Yes, it looks grusome when they bring an animal down. But after a prey animal has been successfully brought down, each pack member is allowed to eat. The feeding scene is a peaceful one, rather than a savage war. Disabled pack members share alongside more able adults, and pups receive regurgitated food from any adult in the pack. This behavior is uncharacteristic of other large carnivores, which often fight over a carcass, hustling with each other for access to food.

We can learn from Wild Dogs in the way they care and share with each other and work together for one fellow goal. And because we still have a lot to learn from them, we should do our very best to protect the areas where they still roam free. Support us in conserving areas for these dogs..

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