Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tracking cloven animals in Norway

Yesterday i went on a tracking quest to find some interesting cloven animals in the Norwegian nature, i guess i picked the wrong location because all i found was a walking cloud or a walking wool sweater that in most countries is called a SHEEP. And because it turned out to be a quite common and boring tracking quest I figured I would make it fun by giving you some myths and facts about these fluffy creatures. You must figure out what is true and not.
1. Elephants use sheep as tampons
2.If a dog eat a sheep and gives birth to puppies only months later, then her puppies will come out wearing sweaters and socks.
3. In Wales there is so many sheep that they have sheep hairdressing salons
4. A sheep can reach the age of 20 years
5. People have been keeping sheep for nearly 11 000 years.
6. sheep can get twins or triplets
7 Egyptians believed that rams were sacred and had them mummified when they died.

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  1. They are all true of course.Although Aleksandra it is also very wise to Beware of Wolves in Sheep clothing my friend.Especially with the Heart that you seem to possess. Good On Ya My Facebook Friend!