Sunday, September 25, 2011

a furry wakeup.

Regardless of where and with who you woke up today, i will tell you a little story from a sunday morning in Africa where i woke up next to a furry one and my best buddy Jonas.
We went into and area of the cheetahs to sleep one night, we found a spot and laid down to wait for something that might come and join us. For and hours there was not a sound in the starry night, and then from the silent isolation of stars, came an intense PURRR from 4 cheetahs. And before we knew it they had placed themselves on top of us. They slept purring on top of us the whole night, resting their heads on ours, to seek warmth I guess.. A few times during the night my buddy got peed on by one of the cheetahs, and several times our face was licked/pealed by the rough cheetah tongue.. but no one cared as this was a magical human- animal experience. The next morning however was slightly more fun and bizarre. You see, jonas was laying on one side of the cheetah and I was laying on the other side, so I wake up by JOnas who was busy scratching my ear, petting my face and hair thinking that is was the cheetah. I know i kind of have the same slender shape as a cheetah, but man Im not that furry.

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