Sunday, September 18, 2011

do you have social antennas?

We judge eachother and say things like
-       THat dude or that dudette does not have any social antennas whatso ever.
He or she never says the right thing and is always stepping in someone elses garden.
BUt is it possible for a person to not have social skills or antennes or is it just situation based? Cause as a person you can experience all the time in different settings that you approach people differently or that you can be this funny caricature when you hang out with certain people and this boring, dull and socially retarded person when you are with other people.
We are so aware of ourselves that on the inside of our own head we hear a voice saying that:-  man im funny or jeez im sooo boring today.. And other times you end up with people were you don’t have a single word to say, there is just nothing to talk about.
 And then you can even start doubting yourself wheter you have social antennas or not!
BUt listen!!! Every morning when you wake up and your hair is standing in the stranges upwards directions, it is to remind you that you do have social antennes and that everybody has them, its just a matter of settings, scenarios and triggers that either makes you a social bore or a social score.

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