Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you ever been nervous b4?

The question of today is about being nervous and whether you have ever been nervous b4?
I can get nervous all the time, even though I know im not bad at what im doing or is supposed to do... I still have that little nervous tingle sensation all over my body.

Its good to have nerves, cause then you become humble, and you are in contact with your self. The reason for nerves however can be many things, but usually it is the thought in your head that the stakes are high and that if you fail you will fall hard. Do you think animals get nervous? I think so. Imagine a cheetah who is fast at running, but not  strong as lions. Mostly when they hunt they are confident in catching, but when they are sitting on their kill they are nervous about not being able to keep it if another predator comes along. They would simply loose in the battle of strength and dominance. And this happens to us humans all the time. SOmetimes we do something like a sport. And we know how to play it, but if it comes to a competition then we are scared that someone else might be better. But are only a champion at the things you love doing, and good at what you like doing and average at the thing you just have to do.. But hey thats human and it's not such a big deal. Cause like Samuel Beckett said if you try and fail, then you must just try again and fail better. Or like Bob Marley sings: Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be all right. We don't lose ourselves from one mistake, we loose ourselves by not making them.

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  1. Very deep and true to what you have just articulated.Bravo! Sounds like something I might say just way better. Thank you Miss Norway!