Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go natural GO NATIVE

Forget about looking like flawless, flawFULL is a much cooler look.. We as people are full of flaws, all of us and thats a good thing. Cause this way we get to know ourselves better  and how far or short we can go, what we dare and don't dare, and what we care and don't care about. So don't let the voice outside (society) tell you who you are and what you should wear. Let the voice on the inside be the judge of your own style and what role you want to play in society.. Its like a play where you get to choose your own costume, or like a Halloween party you went to as a kid where you chose to dress up as a walrus or something ( because you felt like it). Express yourself and match your inside. Don't dress based on who you think you want to be, but based on who you are. I feel like a nature native child so I dress like one. Don't blow your chance to pick the costume of yourself;)

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