Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Where are you roots little man,
Where are your leafs ?
why can you walk little man
Stand in water and on sand?
Why are you so small
and I'm so tall,
What is your skin soft and mine so rough.
What is a voice and how did you get one?
How can you talk in this way.
and create echos of sound
If i could talk one day..
Then i wonder what I would say?

You pass me as if i mean nothing to you,
as if though you could live without me.
You breathe in the fresh air I provide
and out the air i need.
why don't you pass me one day
and ask
Tree if you could talk then what would you say.

You break off my arms to play with sticks,
you cut me down
you burn me down
you build with me and write on me. 
You love me and you hate me. 
You breathe in and out.. and then I breathe in.
You want to keep me close
but only as long as im fun
you like best when you can sit on me, not when im blocking the sun.

you climb in me

I have been here for a long time
and you just arrived,
and soon you will leave again.
Look who survived !
I've seen many like you little man,
and the changes of your touch,
maybe i have no voice,
but a whisper through the carrying winds
 my tree rhyme.

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