Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Golden arrow

In our world today we are dealing with many different concepts of what SAME is. We like doing our routines the same way as always, we like to brush our teeth in the same way, exercise in the same way, eat the same as the person you are dining out with. some of us buy similar things and some of us buy the things that are same same but different.

But even though we do a lot of things in the same way we are also different. We live in different climates, cultures, believe in different religions and politics, we listen to different music and laugh differently. But there are something that are very difficult to explain if we keep separating ourselves from everyone and everything else. I can never explain a Khoi San that a golden arrow (that looks like their wooden version) in a wall is art and that it probably costs more then what a hundred villages can live from for a year. In the today society of 2013, we are living in different ages side-by-side and bordering countries where people live in a completely different age then us. There are people living as they did in the Stone Age, middle ages, cave men/hunting and gathering times, the renaissance, the antique years as well as the modern, privileged industrial world all at the same time. Its a massive privilege, and with this privilege we need to see our world with new eyes, as a place where we can learn from each other and protect and challenge each other. 
Is it so wrong to be the same, if we still know that we are different? Support Nanofasa with steps today if you want to be same and different

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