Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Baby Architect

When we are young and small
we think we know nothing at all
We act without confusion
We have no clear line between what is real or 
We think it is our surroundings that is the guide
that shape us
& decide
We have no perception
we know nothing of deception
We act with out confusion
we know what we want
what we like and hate
what tastes good or bad
there is no wrong
there is no right
we smile when we are free
and cry when we are sad
As kids we are the unofficial architects 
of our own life
it is the I in individual that exists
not somebodies child, husband or wife.
When we grow up we think this all disappears 
but we are wrong
we might not be childlike and light as a feather
but we are still architects
of our own 
life and weather.

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