Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shaded inspiration

In the fashion fracas for the most dominant color, the victor came out black and blue, the biggest color trend combination this fall. This trend was seen in almost every show at the fall 2012 New York Fashion Week. But we also see a repedative countershading occurring every fashion season. Either its shades of grey, shades of brown or shades of pastel or neon colors.
 Now where does this inspiration come from? Could it maybe be that the fashion animals from the pavement jungle got inspiration from the real animal kingdom? 
Animals use countershading as a form of camouflage. It creates an optical illusion that occurs when the coloration of the upper parts of an animal is darker than it's undersides. Hence the effect of sunlight is counteracted. The normal casting of a shadow on the ground is distorted and the animal is not given away by its shadow. In the case of the impala antelope the countershading make an impala, standing still with its side facing the predator, look as something 2 dimentional ( not a real object, but somewhat of a poster effect)
In the case of the great white shark, the dark upper side will blend in with the dark of the bottom of the sea, whilst the lighter underparts will blend in with the light coming from the surface, which makes the shark almost impossible to see from top and bottom. Obviously this only works when you are quite far away from the shark.  
Thank the animals for the countershaded trends! 

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