Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Norwegian answer to the African San People.

Far up in the mountains of Hadangervidda in Norway, where the nature is ruling with its extream beauty and attitude lives an etnihc group of people called the Sami People. The Sami people also called, Samer, is the artic indigenous people of Norway. They are a semi nomadic people that still live in a hunting and gathering community in the year of 2011. They live side by side with animals in the kingdom of Nature, and that is why I like the idea of them being the norwegian answer to the African tirbe called San ( I have written about them in an earlier post). The sami people have met great oposition, been chased ,disrespected and people have through the history of time attempted to rob them of their culture and force them in to adapting to the so called ”correct” society. But they have fought back with all the forces of their origin, and today most of them are still living in their way with a pocket full of beutiful culture and survival instinct. I hope the same for the San people, and that we except the people that choose to live where no one would believe that anyone could live.

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