Sunday, July 10, 2011

WHich animal do you look like?

My boyfriend and I went for a quick visit to the Guinness world book of records museum in Copenhagen to figure out why these people became famous and what animal they look similar too and represent. We saw the guy who ate metal, the shortest woman alive, the biggest man, the tallest man, the longest hair, and the oldest man. And after a long tour around the museum we had managed to find out which animal all these people looked like. But the biggest question we ended up with was: Which animal am I? I figured out that i'm a lioness, because i always hunt for something, i like to relax in peace, if im upset i tell others to take a hike, and im willing to fight for what i believe in. I can also be a donkey who works hard but is too stubborn to listen to others sometimes. The shortest woman is a meercat ( small but not insignificant), the biggest man is an octopus who grabs what he wants, the tallest man is a giraffe ( tall and clumsy, but wise and gentle) and finally the guy who eats metal is a hyena ( the strongest jaw in the world) Do you know which animal you are?

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